Faulty Theology

People think we’re crazy. Deluded. Foolish. Perverted. And not because of Jesus.

“Altars by Night”–Gideon destroys his father’s altar to Baal by KEVISSIMO

They may even see Jesus as evil. Because of our marriages. The lack of care, human compassion, and dignity shown wives and children in the church.

And the problem is not Jesus. The problem is not the Word of God. The problem is people. Always.

So what does it come down to? Bad theology.

Marriage is good. Check.

Marriage is for a lifetime. Check.

Marriage reflects Christ and the church. Ummm.

So being sinful is not an excuse for controlling behavior in marriage. Is. Not. and excuse. 2/3 of the secular world treats women and children better. I love pastors, churches, leaders–so please hear me–something MUST change.

We must see marriage as a privilege instead of an entitlement. Marriage is not a rite of passage. It does not make anyone (man or woman) more valuable, more important, more wise, more capable, more….

Because when we make marriage the means of success, practical theology perverts biblical theology. Suddenly man is god and marriage is the venue. When that happens, women are nothing more than the praise team, sound technician, nursery workers, kitchen providers, greeters, ushers who worship at the altar of king husband and father.

It is a step of recognition and repentance that I pray pierces the hearts of men and women, changing our churches from high places of worship that offers human sacrifices to sanctuaries that worship God through Jesus in Spirit and Truth.

God, forgive us.

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