Sydney Profile 2022

Oppressed, hurting women are looking for comfort and relief. Pastors and church leaders want to help. Individuals are concerned. What prevents our churches from effectively helping women abused by their husbands?

The missing piece is an understanding of domestic abuse and how to apply the good news of Jesus, His Word, and character to what has remained unseen, unknown, and misunderstood.

Churches and pastors, follow Christ by protecting the weak and oppressed. Be a place of hope and healing. Women experiencing domestic abuse, choose to follow Jesus. He knows, hears, and will meet you in your need. Sanctuary provides practical descriptions, help, and hope for women who are suffering and those who long to help.

Sydney Millage, author of Sanctuary: Help and Hope for Victims of Domestic Abuse (Focus Publishing 2018), is a certified biblical counselor with the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) and earned a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Counseling from Faith Bible Seminary in Lafayette, IN. She lives on a farm in the Midwest where she provides counseling and training, volunteers as a Victim Advocate/Survivor Counselor with local social services, and is active in her local church.

Sydney is available to speak for your group or organization. Unless you are training for abuse, it is most advantageous to speak on another topic and introduce biblical truth related to abuse as a means of building awareness (see list of topics below recordings). Requests can be made via: semillage@gmail.com

Peaceworks Podcast with Chris Moles, Episode #142: Complementarity Conversation
                                                                       Episode #143: Q&A

Radio interview with WDLM (Moody Radio Quad Cities).

Sydney’s testimony presented at Faith Bible Seminary Commencement 2019, Lafayette, IN.

Presentation for Women’s Renew 2020, hosted by the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches:

Helping with the Word

Presentation at Calvary Baptist Church in Chatfield, MN with Pastor Mike Gittins November 21, 2021

Presentation: Twisted Scriptures

Sydney’s teaching and topics:
  • 3 sessions on the book of Ephesians–theme, “Redeemed!” (women’s retreat at Higher Grounds Baptist Camp in Alaska)
  • Helping with the Word (Iowa Regular Baptist Camp Ladies’ Renew Conference)
  • Healing with the Word (Iowa Regular Baptist Camp Ladies’ Renew Conference)
  • Targeting the Heart (Eastern Iowa Biblical Counseling Coalition)
  • Spiritual Gifts (Eastern Iowa Biblical Counseling Coalition)
  • Role/ Benefits of a Woman Biblical Counselor  (Eastern Iowa Biblical Counseling Coalition)
  • From Self-Protection to Authenticity (The National Association of Regular Baptist Camps)
  • When I Want a Picture Perfect World (The National Association of Regular Baptist Camps)
  • Opportunities for Change (Camp Counselor Training, Iowa Regular Baptist Camp)
  • Redeeming Conflict (Camp Counselor Training, Iowa Regular Baptist Camp)
  • Caring for the Wounded (Camp Counselor Training, Iowa Regular Baptist Camp)
  • Trauma and Biblical Counseling (Camp Counselor Training, Iowa Regular Baptist Camp; Faith Bible Seminary, Lafayette, IN)
  • An Introduction to Domestic Abuse (Faith Bible Seminary, Lafayette, IN; Grace Community Church, North Liberty, IA)
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation (Camp Counselor Training, Iowa Regular Baptist Camp)
  • Forgiveness (PeaceWorks with Chris Moles)
  • The Nunya Zone (PeaceWorks with Chris Moles)
  • Complementarianism (PeaceWorks with Chris Moles)
  • DV for law enforcement (local Police Dept., Sheriff Dept.)
  • DV for first responders (local Fire Department)
  • Case study and introduction of domestic abuse (training for local churches)
  • Topics re: domestic abuse and dominated women: forgiveness, resistance, marriage, anger, grief, guilt, shame (training for local churches)
  • Practical help for victims of domestic abuse (training for local churches)
  • Doing Good
  • Responding Biblically to Ungodly Authority