If you’re not sure you need help or you don’t know if your relationship is normal, check out these resources:

Abuse Assessment

Click to access controlling-behavior-checklist2.pdf

The first thing a woman experiencing oppression and danger needs is help. If that is you, pray and keep praying. Turn to others. Ask for help. Don’t give up. Keep praying, looking, and asking until you find the help you need.

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Sydney’s you tube videos:

Marriage Roles

Guilt vs. Shame
Nice No More

Other online resources and help:

Developing a Safety Plan

Power and Control Wheel

Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

42 Domestic Violence Warning Signs

Definitions of Abuse

Domestic Abuse and PTSD

Clarifying Words on Wife Abuse by John Piper

Marriage Teaching and Resources (scroll down the page to find free sermons and notes) by Brad Bigney

Find a Biblical Counselor

Called to Peace Ministries

Psalms to listen to regarding God’s loving care for you:

Psalm 23

Psalm 37

Psalm 55

Psalm 63

Bible Study helps:

Overcoming Anxiety

Ephesians Journal

Resources for biblical counselors, pastors, and lay leaders:

“What Not to Do When Authority Wounds” by Julie Ganschow