Be the Change!

If you or someone you know benefits from Seeking Sanctuary or Sydney Millage’s ministry, please consider promoting Clarity in Action Ministries.

Clarity in Action Ministries is a NEW nonprofit organization that values and cares for victims of domestic abuse by providing resources to equip the local church in a Christ-honoring way.

We are concerned with the disconnect between the Body of Christ and the oppressed and needy. We are concerned for the welfare–physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological–welfare of women and children who are used to promote another’s sinful agenda, especially under the guise of marriage.

Clarity in Action provides training for leaders–a 1/2 day group training and a 12-session curriculum–for God’s people. Additionally we seek to put financial resources in the hands of the local church to meet specific needs of those affected by domestic oppression.

We need your help!!

  • $10,000 for start up costs: insurance, website, promotional materials
  • Visibility and awareness
  • Opportunities to train church leaders, Bible study leaders, those who minister in local churches
  • Ongoing, monthly financial support

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