One Flesh

A pastor once told me that he hates to see couples separate because separation leads to divorce. The basis of this claim rested on physical intimacy. How could a couple be one flesh if the husband is denied regular, physical intimacy--his "due" or "debt" (according to 1 Corinthians 7:3-5). I beg to differ. In cases … Continue reading One Flesh

The D Word: A Proper Focus

Many individuals, men, and churches fall off the wagon of biblical interpretation with the D word [divorce]. Take a moment to back out of cultural norms, fears, and misconceptions. I’m not promoting anything here except sound biblical thinking, so don’t raise your hackles (yet) or run in fear. Divorce is the exception. Marriage is the rule. God’s focus is marriage: His covenantal relationship with Israel, Christ’s sacrificial love for the church.

About the Children

In homes with domestic violence, 50% of children are sexually and physically abused. America loses 5 children a day to abuse and neglect. Our churches, to our shame, are not exempt. The homes in our churches are not exempt. We must be watchful. Approachable. Trustworthy. Actively engaging the evil in our world with good, by the grace of God.