Choose Life

At the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, I remain flabbergasted and confused about the response of pro-life individuals–it’s not that I’m not in favor of life, I absolutely am. But the confusing issue for me is energy and militaristic attitude in this realm when women and children who fight for life are restrained from it in their own homes.

Somehow, there are individuals who believe that a husband can wield rights and preferences in his home up to, but no further than, the point of legality. But didn’t Jesus raise the bar?

If a husband acts illegally toward his wife, pastors, churches, and leadership are more likely to help an estranged wife and children.

But if we are called to be like Christ, if we are holding one another accountable, if we are the Body of Christ, the bar is higher. The standard is no longer “an eye for an eye,” but the fact that anger in our heart is tantamount to murder. Looking after a woman with lust in one’s heart is adultery (Matthew 5). And, I would argue, that demanding one’s own way at the expense of another’s well being, dignity, and personhood is murderous treachery. Treating wives and children as objects, as less important, as chattel, is nothing less than robbery. Robbing God of His glory, His image reflected in and through each individual.

Church, people of God, please choose life. Please preach, teach, and uphold the value of human life in the home as well as the marketplace, street corner, and hospital.

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