When Sinned Against

This last weekend I provided training on how to identify, understand, and help victims of domestic abuse.

The schedule looked like this:
– 90 minutes: Survivor Case Study/Dynamics of Domestic Abuse
– 60 minutes: Twisted Scripture
– 60 minutes: Practical Helps
– 45 minutes: Question and Answer

The following is a recording of the second session as it relates to thinking/responding biblically when a wife is sinned against by her husband. Topics covered are biblical resistance, love covers a multitude of sin, forgive and forget, forgiveness and reconciliation, forgiveness and trust, anger, and marriage.

As context, during the first session of training, each table of participants received a packet of information about a domestic abuse survivor: a child, a teen, and women who had been married differing amounts of time. After reading information they would have shared (or did share) to ask for help, participants read a 2-3 page summary of what was actually happening in the home. There is a dramatic difference, for reasons explained in the seminar.

In studying the differences, we discussed grooming, coercive control tactics, and domestic abuse dynamics from a biblical perspective. This session was not recorded. If you are interested in training for your church or a group of pastors, please reach out via the ABOUT page.

The recording above is the second session.

The third session (which may be added to the site at some point in time) addressed practical helps.

Finally there was a time for questions and answers (again, not recorded).

We started at 9:00 a.m. and were done by 2:30 p.m.

My hope and prayer is that Jesus’ bride will hear, see, and respond lovingly to those who have been sinned against.

By God’s Grace and for His Glory,


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