Adding Jesus Changes Everything

It’s time for something positive–for good news, for a new outlook, a fresh take on life.

There is no better positive, good, new, fresh, wonderful thing than Jesus.

I have told women who wonder about marrying an individual that if their husband is becoming more like Jesus, they will continue to fall in love with him. Will he fail her? Certainly. Can she expect suffering and rocky roads? Of course. But if she sees evidence of God’s work, if she is attracted to him and he loves her well, she is in a good place to make decisions about their future.

That does NOT mean that we won’t be misled or deceived. It does not mean it’s your fault when your husband sins against you. He is responsible for his behavior, you are not. (Did you hear that? Say it out loud: I am not responsible for my husband’s behavior, words, and choices. He is responsible for himself.)

When your husband acts, lives and speaks like Jesus, you cannot help but love him. So many times a wife feels guilty for not wanting her husband to (fill in the blank–knock on the door, call, say one more word). So I ask, “If Jesus were to (knock on your door, call, speak to your heart), would you feel that way?” No.

“I want Jesus. I love Jesus. I need Jesus.”

Yes. That’s just it. When a husband loves like Jesus, his wife will not be afraid. She will not cringe at the sound of his voice or footstep. She will not brace for impact. Adding Jesus changes everything. We can always run to Jesus–Jesus, strong and kind.

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